Smart job searching tips…

There are currently an average of six people vying for every job that you are, each of them doing exactly the same things – combing job boards, networking, prepping for interviews – as you. Is there a way to speed up the job search and stand out from your competition? Absolutely!

Utilize job search tools to save time and organize your search efforts. Recruiters and other experts also recommend putting in the extra work to present yourself so that employers realize they absolutely need you — right now. Mary Berman managed to do it. After interviewing last fall for a job she really wanted in event management, the 56-year-old Berman decided to ditch the typical thank-you note.

Instead, she spent the whole night after the interview creating a detailed action plan for her first 30, 60, and 90 days in the job. She described how she would learn the job, build rapport with employees and customers, contribute to the company’s bottom line, and fulfill every function outlined in the job description. Three days later, Berman heard back with an offer – just two months after she started her job search.


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