I'll take any job right now!

“I don’t care about a career direction, I just need a job!” This is what many job seekers say when they’re frustrated by the lack of response they’re getting from potential employers. It’s no surprise that finding a job takes time and effort, but when you’re in the midst of a job search, it’s very easy to minimize the emotional elements of a job search and focus instead on the one thing you need the very most – a job.

Finding a job requires casting a large net over a variety of avenues. Many times jobs come out of the blue, from someone you have never met. Moving past the anger and frustration is a big factor in determining when and how you will find a job. You are your job search. You are marketing your skills, attitude and outlook every day to employers. Doubt and despair can surface when you get few results for your efforts. But remember, what you feel often is the energy others receive from you.

Part of a job search is planning for rejection and how you will cope with it. While in a rush to find employment, don’t skip over the planning stage and rush out to find just any job. The “any job” search plan can easily feel overwhelming and downright discouraging at times. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to rethink your search approach. Put your job search plan in order, utilize job search tools and organize your search efforts to save time and land a job faster.


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