Radiologic technologists and technicians are professionals who perform a wide range of duties associated with diagnostic x-rays and imaging. Amongst other things, they may work extensively with computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance images (MR), and mammography.

Radiographers, more specifically, work with x-ray films (radiographs) and will often accompany patients throughout the examination process by explaining procedures and helping to make sure the patient’s body is in the correct position for radiographic diagnosis. These are also the folks who ask you to take off your jewelry and give you a lead apron to wear.  They must follow doctor’s orders precisely and adhere to strict regulations concerning the use of radiation to protect themselves, their patients, and their coworkers from unnecessary exposure.

Aside from preparing patients and operating complex machinery, radiologists also work closely with a wide range of physicians and help to maintain accurate patient records. They also may prepare work schedules, evaluate purchases, calibrate equipment, and manage daily departmental operations as a Supervisor.

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