Medical Assistant Resumes

All Medical Assistant resumes have certain universal requirements. You need to be able to show that you are organized, dependable, and personable. But your resume also needs to show that you are capable of collaborating with other healthcare professionals, comfortable communicating with patients to address their needs, and competent working in a fast-paced clinical environment. This is where a Medical Assisting resume objective differs from that of an ordinary administrative professional.

THE OUTLOOK:Medical Assistant Resumes
• 62% of Medical Assistants work in physician’s offices. The remaining percentage are employed within specialist facilities such as podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners.
• Medical Assistants are projected to be among the fastest growing jobs in the upcoming decade. Job prospects are excellent in this field.

Medical Assistants that work within a physician’s office typically perform a wide range of administrative tasks in support of daily operations. Although your duties may vary depending on the specific medical facility, you will most likely be asked to answer phones, schedule appointments, and communicate with patients so that you can update and file clinical records. You may also be asked to fill out insurance forms, arrange for hospital admissions, and request laboratory services. In small offices, it’s often part of the job description for a Medical Assistant to manage billing as well as bookkeeping efforts.

There are also Clinical Medical Assistants, who typically work in more formal settings such as hospitals. Their duties actually vary depending on State laws, but common responsibilities including recording vital signs, prepping patients, and assisting physicians with an array of procedures. As a Clinical Medical Assistant you are much more likely to be handling lab specimens and performing basic lab tests. In addition, your sanitation duties may increase as you may need to dispose of contaminated supplies and make sure medical equipment is sterilized. In rare cases you may be asked to administer medications and perform any number of other specialized functions such as x-rays, sutures, electrocardiograms, and phlebotomy. Diving deeper we find Ophthalmic Medical Assistants, Optometric Assistant, Podiatric Medical Assistants, and various other specialized aides.

Some Medical Assistant positions require certain certifications. A great number of modern employers are requiring that job candidates possess accreditation as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) from the Certifying Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

Other than that, most job descriptions mention 3-5 years of administrative background with preferable experience in healthcare. If you are a Medical Assistant with no experience, it’s all the more crucial to highlight your academic achievements and focus on your passion for the healthcare industry. You need to be able to show promise…that’s how you get an interview!

When I write a resume for a Medical Assistant, I try to merge the depth of that job-seekers professional experience with their education, training, and other accolades. It’s important to show that you have a structured, analytical mind as well as a passion for healthcare and a genuine desire to help people. But you don’t want to go overboard. A Medical Assisting resume should be 1 or 2 pages at most and you should use bullet points to highlight your most impressive and relevant achievements.

It’s important to remember that you never want to give a hiring manager a novel to read. Instead, as with any effective marketing tool, you want to give the reader just enough info to leave them wanting to know more. That’s when they call your for an interview and then it’s your time to shine!

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