Healthcare Administration

There are countless jobs that fall under the category of Healthcare and Medical Administration. Clinical Managers, Medical Managers, Hospital Managers, and Healthcare Service Managers are just a few of the titles you may come across on your job search. However, most of these positions do have a lot in common. For instance, as an executive administrator or manager you will undoubtedly be dealing with the operational side of healthcare and you will be working to plan, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of quality care. Amongst other things, administrators often direct a team of employees and specialist while enforcing customer service standards and helping to maximize profitability.

To get a job in healthcare administration and hospital management, generally one must possess an advanced academic degree with a focus on healthcare (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, etc). These sorts of degrees typically prepare students to deal with various clinical delivery systems, technological innovations, regulatory requirements, and teach them how to actively promote health education with an ever-increasing focus on preventative care.

In smaller facilities, medical managers may wear a lot of hats and perform a wide range of duties in support of daily operations. However, in larger facilities and hospitals, clinical administrators may only have operational control over a small section or unit such as nursing, medical records, or therapeutic services. In a case such as that, the individual normally has a specific background in their specific unit (i.e physical therapy or medical records administration).

Overall, medical managers and healthcare administrators develop budgets, streamline internal processes, and help to establish and implement policies, procedures, and operational objectives for their department. They work closely with a team of clinical professionals to evaluate performance and ensure the quality of services. In addition, they are responsible for overseeing records management efforts and guaranteeing the confidentiality of patient medical charts.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in this field then no doubt you’re already aware that the demand for quality healthcare managers is high these days and expected to grow steadily in the next decade. It takes commitment and passion to get to the top, but there are very few careers out there as rewarding as a career in healthcare administration.

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