Other Services

I try my best to provide all my clients with the promotional tools and necessary know-how to guide them throughout the entire hiring process, helping to ensure their success.  Aside from Entry-Level and Professional resume writing, here are some other services I provide:

* Cover Letters
* Thank You Letters
* Resume Review & Edit
* Interview Preparation
* Phone Consultations


Cover Letters

A Cover Letter (a.k.a Letter of Introduction, Letter of Application, Transmittal Letter, etc) is another pivotal tool used by serious job seekers. When accompanying a resume, the Cover Letter tells Recruiters, HR, Managers, or whoever else may be looking at your resume that you are interested in a specified position and shows them why you are qualified for that position. It should be short, concise, and briefly address your previous achievements. This gives the reader a reason to proceed on – to read your resume and, if they like it, call you for an interview!

Even if you aren’t applying for one specific job, a “template” Cover Letter is a good thing to have at the ready. This kind of letter speaks more generally about your skills and accomplishments, so it may be used in multiple circumstances. However, I always suggest you tailor each Cover Letter to the individual jobs you applying for. It’s much more tasteful and professional.


Thank You Letters

It’s proper business etiquette to send a hiring manager a “Thank You” Letter after an interview. It’s polite. It’s the courteous thing to do. You want to thank them for their time and for the info they provided while simultaneously reaffirming your interest in the position. A good Thank You Letter should be short and sweet. It should recap your skills, qualifications, and past achievements without sounding redundant. Therein lies the art…

If possible, it’s always nice to add value by including a little blurb from the actual interview, like “I was impressed with what you had to say about the corporate environment”, etc. But falling short of that it’s definitely preferable to have a “template” Thank You Letter you can send to any hiring manager after you’ve spoken with them. After all, follow-up is very important to a lot of hiring authorities.

For a very minimal fee, I can provide you with a “template” Thank You Letter which can be used in almost any circumstance. The template letter I’ll write for you will speak briefly about your most notable accomplishments and leave room for you to add any other interview-specific info you choose to.


Resume Review & Edit

It’s always a good idea to have someone look over your resume when you’re done writing it. Even serious authors who make a career out of writing still need proofreaders and such because they know that more often than not another set of eyes can be very beneficial. Another perspective can be of immense value.

With that in mind, I provide a Resume Review and Edit service for those who have completed their resume and who would like a second opinion on the matter. For a very nominal fee, I can edit your resume and/or cover letter and provide you with some professional feedback, all within a timely fashion so you can turn around and use that advice in your quest for the perfect job!


Interview Preparation

The interview is perhaps the MOST crucial step in the hiring process. There’s no way around it and it can be a very intimidating procedure. But lucky for you I have a remedy for such stresses, something to help you build up your confidence before that all-important interview with a hiring manager. It’s an impressive (some would say “imperative”) step-by-step prep tool I have dubbed the “All-Inclusive Interview Preparation Guide”.

This guide is a 20+ page manifesto, helping job-seekers to get all their ducks in a row before the big game. After all, the resume is only a marketing tool and, as with any effective marketing tool, it’s designed to create interest and prompt action. That action, in this case, is a phone call to you to set up an interview. The interview is the goal here. It’s make it or break it now. This is your opportunity to shine!

If you would like to ensure your success in the interview, consider purchasing my “All-Inclusive Interview Preparation Guide”. It’s EXTREMELY important to be prepared when you speak with that hiring manager for the first time…I can’t stress this enough!


Phone Consultations

For those who have trouble expressing themselves via the written word and would rather speak with a professional write regarding their resume, I offer consultative phone services at a modest rate.

Visit my other specialty websites as well:

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  • Entry-Level Resume = $45

    Entry-Level Package = $60

    Professional Resume = $60

    Professional Package = $75

    * Entry-Level resumes are for job-seekers with <5 years of professional experience

    * Resume Packages include resume, cover letter, and thank you letter (save $15!)