Even more interview advice…

The more you go on job interviews, the easier they become. For those in the workforce, interviewing skills are very important and (whether it’s right or wrong) can have a huge impact on how far you advance in your career. The best thing I ever did to help myself with interviews was to prepare my answers in advance. I found out the most common interview questions asked and prepare my answers for each.

In all honesty if you have about 5 different stories from your past work experience, you can probably use them as answers to many of the questions you might be asked. So, I would think of a story when I helped solve a problem, when I made a mistake and how I fixed it, how I dealt with an unpleasant worker or boss, etc.

Having these answers prepared made a world of difference when I was sitting at the conference table. Instead of having to spend 30 seconds trying to think of a time when I helped the company improve it’s bottom line, I already had the answer rolling off my tongue. My job interviews never were more comfortable as when I was properly prepared!


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