Efficient versus Effective Job Searching…

In order to have a successful job search you need to embrace a radical idea. Efficiency is not always a good thing, sometimes we get too caught up in doing things perfectly. Not saying that this isn’t sometimes necessary, however if you are a job seeker or currently working but feeling unfulfilled, the answer lies in how effective you really are.

In today’s economy, it takes more than just doing things efficiently. In order to be great, you must be effective. You must position yourself as someone who not only brings about change and ideas but someone who does this consistently. As you go out on interviews really take a good look at who you are and what you bring to the table. Are you effective. Are you making the kind of impression needed to land that next job?

There is nothing wrong with being efficient but efficiency without true effectiveness won’t take you to career nirvana. In order to be successful, to reach your goals and to have passion with your career, find ways to constantly be effective, to produce that strong, vivid impression in the mind of those decision makers.


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